American Fund for Lithuanian - Latvian Jews, Inc.

American Fund For Lithuanian-Latvian Jews, Inc.
A non-profit organization helping Jews

In 1993, Esther and Howard Margol made their first trip to Lithuania and Latvia. After seeing the condition of the elderly, needy Jews in Vilnius and the lack of medical supplies at the Bikur Holim Jewish Hospital in Riga, Latvia they decided to do what they could to help.2008-06-01 Howard & Esther Margol

The result of their decision was the formation of the AMERICAN FUND FOR LITHUANIAN-LATVIAN JEWS, Inc.,  a 501(c)(3) non-profit approved by the US Internal Revenue  Service. The FUND has supplied hundreds of thousands of dollars of support to the Senior Meals program of the Jewish Community of Lithuania in Vilnius, Lithuania and to the Jewish Hospital in Riga.

The Fund has been major financial supporters to the Jewish senior cafe in Vilnius, the Jewish senior meals program in Siauliai, the Jewish community in Panevezys, and the Jewish Museum in Vilnius.

 50% of the Jews in Lithuania are pensioners and most are survivors. Their monthly pension barely covers the basic necessities. They are extremely appreciative of the help given to them from the FUND.

 100% of the donations received by the FUND are sent to Lithuania and to the Jewish Hospital in Riga, Latvia.

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Last year, the Senior Cafe in Vilnius provided over 6,000 meals to Lithuanian Jewish seniors and almost 5,000 meals on wheels to home bound Jewish seniors.


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